Who Invented The Toilet Paper?


Do you know who invented toilet paper?

Since ancient Greece, the use of toilets has experienced a long journey. At that time, people used stones and flakes of earth to maintain personal hygiene. It's natural to use toilet paper today - except, of course, in places where toilet paper is not widely used. Toilet paper is absolutely one of the indispensable items from ancient times to the present. Therefore, for centuries, different cultures have unique ways to maintain personal hygiene.

In terms of personal cleaning, ancient Rome was smarter than ancient Greece: they used sponges tied to the end of long sticks to clean their bottoms. Of course, this thing is public. When it is not used by people, it will be soaked in a bucket of strong salt water in the public toilet. There is also a long marble stool in the public toilet. There is a hole dug for... You know what, and there is a hole in front of the stool with tools to clean up your ass. The Romans didn't set up a partition for the toilet, so you are likely to sit next to a cute girl and poop.

Around 1391, an emperor of the Song Dynasty ordered him to use a 2x3 foot piece of paper as toilet paper when going to the toilet. Before that, Chinese people used to find some paper products to use in the toilet.

In the American colonial era, the standard of living was not very high. When the colonists left England, the best thing they could find was corn cobs. It was not until later that they realized that they could actually use old newspapers and catalogues as toilet paper. They did so only because there was a hole in the corner of the farmer's calendar, so they could hang it in the toilet outside the house. (this may also make people look at the toilet books with new eyes.)

Although the first flush toilet in the world was invented by the Godson of Elizabeth I in 1596, toilet paper was not circulated in the market until 1857.

The predecessor of tissue. In 1935, they advertised that their toilet paper was "free of debris". Now the company is still one of the giants in the paper products industry, which shows how successful their advertising strategy was at that time - toilet paper without debris was very popular at that time. Now, Americans use more than 70 billion rolls of toilet paper every year.

Today, however, there is a culture that still opposes toilet paper. As we all know, many Indians are still used to flushing their butts with their left hand. Many of them think that water is cleaner than toilet paper and is dirty except by hand.

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