Who is the largest toilet paper manufacturer?


The products of major toilet paper manufactures are well-known. Both the style and quality have been tested by the market. What are the good brands of toilet paper? Only when you choose a good brand can you use it well. Here I will introduce several toilet paper manufacture.

Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark, founded in 1872 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is the world's largest tissue manufacturer and the second largest family and personal care company in the United States. The well-known brands of the company include: Huggies curious diapers, Kotex high clean silk sanitary napkins, Kleenex Shujie facial napkins, pull ups children's growth pants, etc.


Vinda brand was born in 1985 and is committed to meeting people's pursuit of high-quality life. In 1989, Vinda brought 100% pure imported wood pulp napkins and paper towels rarely seen in China, and began to bring high-quality household paper products to Chinese consumers. Along the way, it has developed from core roll paper to cover six categories such as soft suction, coreless and wet wipes. It has super tough series, blue classic series and other popular star series, and has won the top three market positions in the domestic product industry of roll paper and face towel. Among them, toilet paper has won the reputation of the first sales volume for nine consecutive years. After 30 years of trials and tribulations and 30 years of continuous progress, we have achieved a brand of Vinda trusted by hundreds of millions of consumers and created the brand of Vinda.

Vinda group is a large-scale sanitary products enterprise in Asia. The group was founded in 1985. Over the years, it has always adhered to the life philosophy of "healthy life starts from Vinda", and dedicated to providing high-quality health care products and services for every family. Vinda group has established ten advanced production bases in mainland China, two production bases in Malaysia, one production base in Taiwan and one post-processing factory in Australia. With the main brands of Vinda, Debao, DUOKANG, Vida group has developed four major businesses: tissue, incontinence care, female care and baby care.

In 2014, Vinda group integrated the tissue and personal care businesses of aeolia in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, creating a milestone for the development of the enterprise. On April 1, 2016, Vinda group integrated the business of aishengya in Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea, further expanded its business to Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and other Asian regions, and was determined to develop into a leading sanitary products company in Asia.

Vinda international was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007, with the stock code of 3331. In 2015, Vinda international was selected as a constituent stock of the Hang Seng medium-sized stock index in Hong Kong. The world's leading sanitary products and forest products company, aishengya group, is its controlling shareholder.

Zhongshun Jierou

Founded in 1999, Zhongshun jierou Paper Co., Ltd. is one of the largest enterprises specializing in the production of household paper products in China. The main products of the company are roll paper, handkerchief paper, soft tissue paper and box towel paper of "jierou" and "sun" brands. The company has six production bases in Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Sichuan Chengdu, Zhejiang Jiaxing, Hubei Xiaogan and Hebei Tangshan. The sales network radiates five regions of East China, South China, West China, North China and central China. The products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Africa and other overseas markets.

Zhongshun Jierou is a first echelon enterprise in the domestic household paper industry, which mainly produces and sells medium and high-grade household paper. It is a member of the drafting group of the national standard for toilet paper (including toilet paper base paper) (gb20810-2006). Since its establishment, the company has been widely recognized and respected in the construction of national brands.

The company has two brands of "jierou" and "sun". The company has obvious competitive advantages in the domestic household paper industry. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, the market share of the company was about 4.03%, 3.86% and 3.89% respectively based on the sales amount of domestic household paper.

Founded in 1998, it is a subsidiary of Jinguang group. It has become a brand of household paper products with raw wood pulp, pure fiber and zero stimulus high-quality environmental protection paper products. It is a large household paper production and marketing company in Asia.

Qingfeng brand belongs to jinhongye Paper Group Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinguang group. This enterprise is a large domestic paper production and marketing company in Asia. Founded in 1998 in China, it is committed to producing high-quality household paper and improving the quality of life for millions of families. Adhering to the principle of "you use paper, I plant trees, and practice the green cycle", we plant six trees and use one tree to maintain the ecological balance of nature.

A good life needs a safe heart, and paper for life also needs peace of mind. What makes us feel at ease is not the promise, but the fact. Qingfeng is one of the five brands in the household paper industry. Give you reasons for peace of mind on the five levels of comfort, safety, sensitivity, health and trust. It uses original wood pulp, bringing a delicate and soft touch, and is not easily broken by wet water; It does not contain mobile fluorescent whitening agent, avoiding the harm of additive adhesion, and the fiber is pure, safe and reliable; Pure fiber paper, the experiment proves that the skin is not irritated; Ultra high temperature treatment, the number of colonies is far lower than the national standard, clean and sanitary; The enterprise quality ISO900 certification, which is synonymous with quality in the eyes of consumers, has enough trust credentials to make people feel at ease and safe. There is a breeze on the paper. It's very reassuring.


Jieyun is oriented to the broad family consumer group and represents a warm, harmonious and happy life atmosphere. The product line covers all kinds of household paper, which can fully meet the daily use needs. It has been the best-selling brand in the same market in Shanghai for many years and is widely welcomed by customers.

In 2009, "Jieyun" ranked first in the "best selling brand in Shanghai market" for many consecutive years; In 2008, it won the honorary title of "best selling gold product" and "national quality trustworthy brand" in Shanghai market, and the first in sales and market share of similar markets in Shanghai; In 2003, it won the honorary title of national quality service consumer satisfaction Enterprise and the honorary title of national quality trustworthy product.

Dongguan Group

Dongguan group was established in April 2005 and is affiliated to Sino British joint venture Smick group. Its subsidiaries include Shanghai Dongguan Huajie Paper Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dongguan Paper Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yunjie Trade Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Dongguan Huajie Paper Industry Co., Ltd. It is a household paper manufacturing enterprise integrating raw paper production, finished product processing and sales.

Shanghai Dongguan group ranks the fifth in the domestic tissue industry and the first in Shanghai. It is the largest tissue manufacturing enterprise in Shanghai. The main products include base paper, roll paper, face paper, handkerchief paper, napkin, toilet paper, diapers, wet paper towels, etc. The sales market share of "Jieyun" brand in Shanghai exceeds 20%, ranking first for seven consecutive years. As an advanced production capacity enterprise in the industry, Dongguan group has leading equipment, technology and R & D capability, and pays attention to green energy conservation and environmental protection. The unit energy consumption of products is far lower than the industry average level. In 2009, Dongguan developed and produced high-quality environmental protection and renewable household paper series - "free forest", becoming the first high-end brand of renewable environmental protection and household paper in China. In cooperation with the Bureau of the World Expo, it has entered the China Pavilion of the World Expo.

The group is building production bases in Wuhan and North China and plans to build a nationwide sales network. In the near future, Dongguan group will have an annual production capacity of 300000 tons of high-grade toilet paper, with an annual sales of 4 billion yuan, and build itself into one of the largest and best household paper enterprises in China.

While growing, Dongguan group strictly controls the discharge of waste water, waste gas, noise and solid waste, prevents pollution and protects the health interests of consumers. At the same time, he enthusiastically devoted himself to various charity activities such as "5.12" earthquake donation and "love under the blue sky", and made contributions to the local government's promotion of labor employment. As a responsible corporate citizen, Dongguan is making its own contribution to environmental protection, social welfare and other public welfare undertakings.

Kimberly Clark

Started in 1924 in the United States, Kimberly Clark is a well-known household paper brand. It is a multinational enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of soft and delicate tissue paper.

There is a feeling that it is gentle and considerate, like Shujie facial tissue. The soft and delicate touch makes the heart and home comfortable, and always gives warm care to yourself and your family.

Kleenex, a world-famous household paper manufacturer, was born in 1924. Tens of millions of people from more than 140 countries enjoy Kleenex high-quality products with you every day.

Kimberly Clark is a well-known enterprise in the global health care field. Founded in 1872, the company has production facilities in 37 countries and employs nearly 58000 people. Personal health care products, household paper, commercial consumer products and medical health care products are the four core businesses of Kimberly Clark, with annual sales of more than 21 billion US dollars and products sold to more than 175 countries and regions.

Kimberly Clark has always been famous for its perfect quality, high-quality service and fair treatment. Its famous international brand products have become an integral part of consumers' daily life. Every day, about one quarter of the world's people use Kimberly Clark products and believe that these products will bring more convenience to their health and life. Famous brands of Kimberly Clark, such as Kleenex ® Kleenex ®、 Huggies ® be curious ®、 Kotex ® kotex ®、 Scott ® Scott ®、 Pull-Ups ®、 Depend ® Depan *, Andrex ® And poise ® Etc., occupy the market share of major consumer goods.

Originating from Germany in 1929, it entered China in 2009. It is a large multinational consumer goods and paper company. In April 2016, Vida international acquired its Asian business.


Tempo is a German tissue brand, which began in 1929. In Berlin, Germany, at the beginning of the last century, a clean and proper handkerchief was a symbol of good breeding and high taste. Therefore, German housewives spent a lot of time cleaning and ironing handkerchiefs every day. At this time, the paper handkerchief was born. Because it was at the time of the great depression, people were eager to speed up the pace of the development of the times, so they named the paper towel tempo, which means speed and pace in German, implying that everything is possible. With the convenience and high quality of replacing cotton handkerchief, tempo quickly became a well-known brand in Germany.

In the 86 years since its birth, tempo has sold well in many European countries with its high quality and continuous innovation spirit, and has a market share of about 70%. In 2009, tempo officially entered China and became a close friend of Chinese consumers.

Cleansoft Paper

C&S Paper is established in 2009 in China. It’s another new star in the paper and sanitary products field. Baoding Clean Soft Paper product company is a toilet paper, paper tissue, paper towel and wet wipe, under pads, puppy pads, sanitary napkin, adult diapers manufacturer.They have 12 years of industry experience.They have more than 2*300,000 square meter area. They have 2 factories in Hebei,one toilet paper factory, one wet wipe,sanitary napkin,adult diaper and under pad/pet pad factory.

They have 7 advanced paper production lines, 15 toilet paper production lines, 20 professional technical research and development staffs and more than 500 employees.Our annual Sales Revenue is $100M.They are 180KM away from Tianjin port.

From 2010 Cleansoft Paper develop their export business and do OEM business for lots of customers of different country. C&S Paper is the main OEM and customized toilet paper and sanitary products factory in China. C&S Paper have been the best foundry in China.So more and more customers choose to cooperate with C&S Paper.

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