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Giant Roll Of Toilet Paper Mother Roll Paper For Wholesale
giant roll of toilet paper
giant roll of toilet paper
giant roll of toilet paper
giant roll of toilet paper
giant roll of toilet paper

Giant Roll Of Toilet Paper Mother Roll Paper For Wholesale

Giant roll of toilet paper design helps reduce run-outs, minimizing the need for restocking. Free of chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Offered in traditional and high-capacity rolls. Designed for government or other facilities that seek to achieve green status or comply with environmental mandates. Our technology ensures maximum use of each roll, and tightly wound rolls help to prevent waste. Lower maintenance costs and reduce the risk of paper shortages with these high-capacity bath tissue rolls.

Due to lighting and monitors, there is a small difference between the picture and the real paper product. So you can get a sample to check quality before bulk order.

  • Giant Roll
  • Mother Roll
  • High Quality
  • green recycle
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Custom Toilet Paper - Increase Brand Awareness

Want to make the toilet paper even more uniquely for your business? Good news! We offer personalized toilet paper service for you. All of our custom toilet papers can be customed made completely. They can be used on company toilets, trade fairs and sold for commercially or for charities. They can increase brand awareness and have loyal customers. We manufacture all of our toilet paper at our factory in China. So what customization is possible?

Custom Paper Ply

We carry custom paper ply option. And the paper ply can come in regular 2 ply as well as 1 ply, 3ply, 4ply or 5 ply.

custom paper ply

Custom Paper Embossment

Embossed for improved sensory feel. And our paper embossments are available in  many patterns.

custom embossment

Custom Paper Size

The paper rolls should fit in any dispenser which is designed for taking regular toilet paper rolls. So the sheets of the toilet paper can be a standard 3.8" X 4.3",  4.0" X 4.3", 4.1" X 4.3", 4.2" X 4.3", 4.88" X 4.3". Also they can be customized.

custom size

Custom Paper Packaging

It's important to make an amazing first impression on customers with a perfect paper packaging. Add your logo to the tissue paper or choose different colors for special promotions. This can help increase the perceived value of your product from budget to premium. And each roll is individually shrink wrapped. We can design packaging pattern for you for free. And we use environmental and recyclable packaging.

custom logo

More Customization Options

Here at cleansoftpaper.com, we strive to offer our customers more customization options and flexibility. And if you are looking for a size or weight not listed here, then we got you! For more complex orders or tailored needs, you can contact us.

Toilet Paper Manufacturer

About Us

Welcome to Cleansoftpaper.com. We are a professional and comprehensive wholesale toilet paper manufacturer with more than 12 years production experiences, which is one of the biggest toilet paper factories in China! We are proud to serve you with a large paper product range which includes toilet paper, tissue paper, jumbo roll and more at wholesale price.

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Why Choose Us

1. High Quality: we have the ISO9001, ISO22716 certificates! Our completed paper may be tested for a variety of qualities, including stretch, opacity, moisture content, smoothness, and color!
2. Best Service: We are the most experienced manufacturer for OEM and customized paper and sanitary products!
3. Reliable: lots of our products are highly recommended to many countries, like United States, Australia and UK!


Specification of this Giant Mother Roll

StyleToilet Paper
Material100%Virgin Wood Pulp
Weight (g/pack)Custom
Sheet Size(mm)Custom
Box Size(mm)Custom
Sheet QuantityCustom
FeatureMother Roll

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Contact us for all possibilities on all our paper products for any budget. And we will talk about bulk price, shipping options, delivery times and more. Shipping costs will be calculated on the total order/quotation. Save by combining several items in one shipment!

People Also Ask

What is the biggest roll of toilet paper?

10 feet high and 8.5 feet across. Weighs two tons. Contains a million square feet of squeezeably soft toilet paper.

Is Jumbo bigger than mega toilet paper?

6 mega rolls = 24 regular rolls, or 12 jumbo rolls = 18 regular rolls or what-have-you. “Yes, the mega rolls are more expensive on a per-roll basis.”

Who makes the biggest rolls of toilet paper?

C&S Paper Co,. can make it.

Top Reviews of this Giant Roll Of Toilet Paper

portrait  Bailey from United States verified purchase

I ordered and received this product yesterday. This mother roll is good, above and beyond, compared to other products of the same shape and class. 

portrait  Crick from United States verified purchase

Very good product for my factory.