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Wholesale Center Pull Paper Towels Cheap Bulk Price
center pull paper towels
center pull paper towels
center pull paper towels
custom center pull paper towels
center pull paper towels
center pull paper towels in dispenser

Wholesale Center Pull Paper Towels Cheap Bulk Price

Durably made, the center pull paper towels resist tearing during use and are highly absorbent. Compatible with any universal center pull paper towel dispenser. Ideal for use in high-traffic public restrooms, commercial spaces, machine shops, and more. A paper towel designed with small and large businesses in mind that wish to provide customers with an improved restroom and kitchen image. one-hand dispensing helps avoid dispenser contact, helping to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Due to lighting and monitors, there is a small difference between the picture and the real paper product. So you can get a sample to check quality before bulk order.

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Custom Paper Towels - Increase Brand Awareness

Want something different? We are happy to accommodate custom requests. We specialize in custom orders, and will be happy to create that perfect paper towels for you. Lets change it up! Materials, embossment, designs, patterns, we’ve got you covered. We appreciate that you appreciate our products, and want you to be wowed by our service and our product. They can increase brand awareness and have loyal customers. We manufacture all of our paper towels at our factory in China. So what customization is possible?

Custom Material

The materials are available in paper material towels types and reusable cloth material towels.

custom kitchen paper material

Custom Paper Embossment

Embossed for improved sensory feel. And our paper embossments are available in  many patterns. Monogrammed paper guest towels add a sophisticated touch to an event. 

custom embossment

Custom Printed Design

Kitchen paper with your own promotional print design is a neat way to promote your business. They can be printed with some big design, logo or your preferred artwork.

custom paper towel images

Custom Fold Style

A unique fold to use in your kitchen room. They are available in multi-fold, c-fold towels as well as z-fold towels.

Custom Paper Size

These papers are a great gift for customers and totally affordable for any size giveaway. How many pieces per box you want? Also they can be customized.

Custom Paper Packaging

With all the talk of custom packaging going on, boxes tend to get the bulk of attention. Using an attractive packaging options is another chance to reinforce your branding, and make your customers feel special and appreciated. We can design packaging pattern for you for free. And we use environmental and recyclable packaging.

More Customization Options

Here at cleansoftpaper.com, we strive to offer our customers more customization options and flexibility. And if you are looking for a size or weight not listed here, then we got you! For more complex orders or tailored needs, you can contact us. Our guest towels are an affordable option for your businesses. Check out our bulk pricing to save more!

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Welcome to Cleansoftpaper.com. We are a professional and comprehensive wholesale toilet paper manufacturer with more than 12 years production experiences, which is one of the biggest toilet paper factories in China! We are proud to serve you with a large paper product range which includes toilet paper, tissue paper, jumbo roll and more at wholesale price.

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1. High Quality: we have the ISO9001, ISO22716 certificates! Our completed paper may be tested for a variety of qualities, including stretch, opacity, moisture content, smoothness, and color!
2. Best Service: We are the most experienced manufacturer for OEM and customized paper and sanitary products!
3. Reliable: lots of our products are highly recommended to many countries, like United States, Australia and UK!


Specification of this Center Pull Paper Towels

StylePaper Towel
MaterialVirgin Wood Pulp
Weight (g/pack)Custom
Ply2 Ply
Sheet Size(mm)Custom
Box Size(mm)Custom
Sheet QuantityCustom
FeatureCenter Pull Paper Towels

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Looking for a good deal on bulk paper towels order? Explore a wide range of the best custom paper towels products here. Also we carry a huge selection paper products in stock that is ready to ship fast. Stock up and save by ordering our quality paper towels in bulk!

Contact us for all possibilities on all our paper products for any budget. And we will talk about bulk price, shipping options, delivery times and more. Shipping costs will be calculated on the total order/quotation. Save by combining several items in one shipment!

People Also Ask

What is a center pull paper towel?

It's center pull construction allows guests to only touch the towel they're using, making it a cost-effective and sanitary alternative to electric, hands-free dispensers. With a collapsible core, installation is made easy for fast, simple maintenance.

Are Costco paper towels any good?

The towel had no problem sopping up tomato sauce on the counter or removing the dust from under my radiator.

What is the difference between a C-fold and a multifold paper towel?

In many cases, either type of towel works in these dispensers. Both C-fold and multifold paper towels are stacked. While a multifold paper towel has a “Z” type of fold, allowing the towels to interlock with one another, C-fold paper towels aren't interlocked and rest on top of one another.

Top Reviews of this Center Pull Paper Towels

portrait  Elizabeth from United States verified purchase

I've ordered this product several times. They worked great.

portrait  C Conner from United States verified purchase

paper towels are for cleaning and drying hands. again they work just fine.

portrait  Gene Suhr from United States verified purchase

I've been buying the Center Pull Towels, to use in my shop and in the house. These are great for a quick wipe up and hand drying. Not super thick like paper towels bu they do the job.