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Washable Waterproof Bed Pads For Incontinence For Elderly In Bulk
bed pads for incontinence
benefit of bed pads for incontinence
bed pads for incontinence
benefit of bed pads for incontinence
bed pads for incontinence on bed
bed pads for incontinence on sofa

Washable Waterproof Bed Pads For Incontinence For Elderly In Bulk

The bed pads for incontinence is designed to allow it to lie flat with no bunching. The rounded-corner design adds a sleek, comfortable feel. 4 layers protection of incontinence bed pads can absorb up to 6 cups of water. The top-quality material of the Pad ensures to keep it in great condition even after passing through multiple wash cycles. Additionally, the underpad measures 34 x 36 inches so that you can have the best use of it. The qualities of the underpad makes it great for all ages.

Due to lighting and monitors, there is a small difference between the picture and the real product. So you can get a sample to check quality before bulk order.

  • Washable Bed Pads
  • For Incontinence
  • Absorbent
  • green recycle
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Custom Bed Pads - Increase Brand Awareness

A wide variety of custom bed pads options are available to you. Our protective underpads come in different absorbency levels and sizes to meet every incontinence need. You can also choose from disposable bed pads, as well as washable pads from m, l, and xl. They can increase brand awareness and have loyal customers. We manufacture all of our bed pads at our factory in China. And we are continuously improving and evolving for our customer needs. So what customization is possible?

Custom Type

These underpads are available in disposable types and washable pads.

Disposalbe Bed Pads

Created with high-end fluff fill polymer layers, our disposable underpads provide you with high liquid absorption for enhanced safety as well as fast-drying comfort throughout the night. They’re disposable for quick clean up.

Reusable Bed Pads

The reusable underpads are machine washable for a sustainable, cost effective solution. Waterproof, vinyl-knit barrier and twill facing withstand multiple washing and drying cycles while staying soft and leak-proof.

Custom Color

Choice of pad colors: blue, pink, green, charcoal, white and More.

custom color

Custom Packaging

Your business logo or advertising slogan prominently displayed on the container. And having branded underpads will make your business stand out. A wide variety of custom underpads options are available to you, such as 25 pcs per bag, 35pcs per bag.

Custom Size

The size of the puppy pads can be a standard 23 X 18 inches (M), 23 X 23 inches (L), 23 X 35 inches (XL) and 25 X 59 inches (XXL). Also they can be customized. Sizes and measurements are approximate and patterns may vary from photo and description.

45*60CM (23*18 Inches)60*60CM (23*23 Inches)60*90CM (23*35 Inches)60*150CM (23*59 Inches)
Weight28g / 32g / 36g / 40g / 50g30g / 40g / 50g / 60g / 70g / 80g56g / 65g / 72g / 80g / 100g65g / 72g / 80g / 100g /110g
SAP2g / 3g / 4g / 6g / 8g / 13g3g / 4g / 6g / 8g / 10g / 16g4g / 6g / 8g / 12g / 16g / 26g6g / 8g / 12g / 16g / 26g / 36g

More Customization Options

Here at cleansoftpaper.com, we strive to offer our customers more customization options and flexibility. And if you are looking for a size or weight not listed here, then we got you! For more complex orders or tailored needs, you can contact us.

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Welcome to Cleansoftpaper.com. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality and highly absorbent bed pads. Our underpads offer superior performance and reliable convenience. You can purchase bed pads in bulk at cheap prices! Hopefully we could make your business better!

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1. High Quality: we have the ISO9001, ISO22716 certificates! Our completed paper may be tested for a variety of qualities, including stretch, opacity, moisture content, smoothness, and color!
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Specification of this Bed Pads For Incontinence

StyleBed Pads
ApplicationBaby, Adult, Elderly
Top Sheet MaterialNon-woven Fabric
Back Sheet MaterialPE Film
Sheet Size(cm)34*36 inch or Custom
Sheet Quantity10 Pcs
Box Size(cm)Custom
FeatureBed Pads For Incontinence
AbsorbencySuper Absorbency

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Looking for a good deal on bulk bed pads order? Explore a wide range of the best custom bed pads products here. Also we carry a huge selection products in stock that is ready to ship fast. Stock up and save by ordering our quality bed pads in bulk!

Contact us for all possibilities on all our products for any budget. And we will talk about bulk price, shipping options, delivery times and more. Shipping costs will be calculated on the total order/quotation. Save by combining several items in one shipment!

People Also Ask

What are bed pads called?

Disposable underpads are also known as disposable bedpads, bed sheets, or chair pads.

How do you keep incontinence pads in place?

Pads with adhesive tape on the underside or sides can help the pads stay in place through the night. 

How do you clean incontinence pads?

Quality made pads can be cleaned by placing them in an industrial washer, with laundry detergent and using the cold water setting. Make sure laundry detergents completely dissolve before drying. It is not advisable to use bleach or excessive fabric softener as this can damage the pad fabric.

Top Reviews of this Bed Pads For Incontinence

portrait  Matthew Kwak from United States verified purchase

It is a solid product, super absorbent and has been durable withstanding multiple wash cycles.

portrait  Sandra D. Tucker from United States verified purchase

Soft fabric, great size. Absorbs well! Easy to wash! I wish I knew about these sooner. 

portrait  Ruth A. from United States verified purchase

This is my second time purchasing this product. This pad doesn’t slip like how others do that I’ve bought in the past. Great quality!